Rose Bead Necklaces

Our rose bead necklaces are made entirely from the petals of our “Old Garden Roses.” Petals are picked from late May until late July. Fresh petals are ground daily for a minimum of 21 days. At the end of this process the petals have turned into a “rose clay.”

Individual beads are now formed from the clay, textured and pierced to create a hole for stringing. When completely dry, the beads are sorted by size and placed in airtight containers for later use.

Our necklaces are strung on Acu-flex™ beading wire, which is strong and flexible, or they are knotted on 100% silk thread made specifically for necklaces. Vintage European beads, semi-precious stone beads or ethnic beads from Africa and Tibet accentuate the necklaces.

Our Rosaries are all knotted on silk and feature sterling silver centerpieces and crucifixes.

Our Malas (Buddhist prayer beads) are knotted on silk, have companion beads of rose quarts or aventurine, and end with a traditional silk tassel.

Each of these designs is made entirely by hand and takes over a month and a half to complete. All of them come in air-tight containers filled with dried rose petals. Our necklaces are best worn on bare skin. Body heat helps to release their fragrance, and like pearls, the oil of your skin adds to their character.

Rose bead necklaces start at $125 plus shipping. We would be happy to e-mail you more photos upon request.