Our products are all hand crafted using the finest natural ingredients available.

We make seven different kinds of soap, a ‘Lavender Body Spritz’, a ‘Rose Petal Astringent’, and hand dipped 100% beeswax candles.

In the early summer we pick rose petals and lavender blossoms. We use these to make the floral water for our soaps, and other products.

In the fall we buy beef tallow from local ranchers and render it over an open fire. The rendered beef tallow is incorporated into our ‘Basic Old Fashioned Soap’ and into the ‘Farmers Hand Soap’.

For people who prefer a vegetable based soap we offer two castille soaps: our ‘ Basic Castille Soap’ and our ‘Castille Face Soap’, both of which are made of pure olive oil.

Our two vegan soaps are based on a blend of vegetable oils and use either corn meal or oatmeal as a mild abrasive. Both offer a nice alternative to traditional soap.

All our soaps are made in small batches in the fall. We cut them by hand, which gives them a rustic appearance. They are wrapped in handmade paper and tied with raffia.

Because the soap is hand cut, the size, shape and weight of the bars may vary. 4 oz. to 5 oz. per bar is typical.

We also combine small bars in a group to sample out our different varieties of soap. The sample collection weighs around 6 oz. to 8 oz. total.

They are approximately $1.00 per oz .

Because we only make the soap once a year we run out of certain kinds faster than others, please e-mail us to see what is available.

Our body spritz is very refreshing after a bath or shower. It tones the skin and smells great. It contains fresh lavender sprigs steeped in neutral spirits, with lavender essential oil. This product comes in a 8 oz spray bottle and the cost per bottle is $12.00.

Our ‘Rose Petal Astringent’ is an excellent daily facial cleanser. It closes the pores and soothes the skin. Use alone or after soap and water. It contains fresh rose petals that are steeped in witch hazel for 6 months or more. This also comes in a 8 oz bottle, and the cost per bottle is $12.00.

Our beautiful hand dipped candles are made of 100% beeswax, and are incredibly fragrant. They are slow burning and possess all of the exceptional qualities one might expect from such a laborious process. The 12” candles are $10.00 a pair.

Please visit our Rose Bead Necklaces page to learn more about our necklaces, earrings, rosaries, and Buddhist prayer beads.

Please e-mail us if you would like to place an order.