Contact Us

Donald W. Niskanen
Blythe Collins-Niskanen
Robin Collins-Niskanen
2536 Highway 101 North
Yachats, Oregon 97498

Please feel free to contact us when you are in our area. Our “open” hours vary depending on the season but we can most always be available by appointment. Call us a day or so before you plan to be here and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We will be emailing out a Spring 2004 newsletter that includes:

  • plants we have in gallon containers ready to be picked up
  • plants we have in five inch bands ready to ship
  • a spring schedule for our days at the nursery
  • a map so you can find us
  • a special events scheduled for the Greater Yachats area
  • and anything else that seems appropriate

If you’re interested please fill out the pertinent information below, or call and we will mail you a newsletter after the first of the year (name and email address are required for email newsletter).

We are located one mile north of downtown Yachats on Highway 101. Look for our sign on the east side of the highway just north of Forest Hill Road