CBD and cosmetics in Austria: What is the legislative environment?

There is a lot of misinformation regarding vaping in the market. Due to which many people are reluctant to try CBD vape oil. In this article, we will address a few of these misconceptions and show you the fact.

Vaping Is Unregulated

A lot of people think that CBD vape oil is not properly regulated. Yes, there are some constraints on the sale of cannabis vape oil but there are reputed CBD dealers that sell CBD vape legally in various parts of the world. As they fully adhere to the legal needs, users can rest assured of getting a fully regulated product.

Health Authorities in the UK do supervise the safety and effectiveness of CBD products. It should give mental peace to the users. JustCBDStore is the best place to buy premium quality CBD products. CBD oil for vape is thoroughly lab tested and is completely safe in the treatment of diseases.

Vaping E-Juice Gives Out Second-Hand Smoke

This is a pure myth. The vapors that come out from the vaping device is water vapor. It does not cause any harm to anyone. It doesn’t yield any combustion reaction. You can get a smell of second-hand smoke, but in reality, it is completely harmless.

Vaping Is Not Beneficial For The Environment

The average vaping device does not burn anything. In other words, there are no chances of a forest fire. Also, vaping does not lead to any waste. Its parts like battery etc. are completely recycled.  It has no adverse impact on the environment.

Vaping using cannabis juice is eco-friendly provided that you throw the device responsibly such that it doesn’t cause any harmful effect on nature.

CBD Is Not Psychoactive

This is the biggest misconceptions linked to CBD. Numerous brands claim that their CBD product isn’t psychoactive, and doesn’t make you high. This is false. CBD has THC in it that is responsible for altering the consciousness of a person.

It is psychoactive but to a little extent. It impacts the psyche, in a beneficial way. It has anxiolytic and antipsychotic properties that uplift the mood, alert the body, and prevent cravings too.

CBD’s Health Advantages Aren’t Medically Proven

This is not a complete myth. It is partially right. The health benefits of CBD such as anti-cancer, analgesic, and anxiolytic require more research and medical testing and investigation.

CBD treatments have not been approved for conditions that include anxiety, insomnia, migraines, IBD, and acute pain.  Studies are undergoing and health experts are hopeful that it will soon get the approval.

You Don’t Require A Lot Of CBD

CBD in a small dosage is sufficient to give the desired effect. This is false. As CBD is not as effective as THC, you would need more amount of it to see the desired results. If you are using CBD to reduce pain or bodily stress, then you need to consume it in large doses and quite often.


Despite the positive health claims concerning CBD, consumers are hitting with plenty of misinformation. More and more of them are turning to CBD for wellness, medical, and recreational purposes. The above information helps provide you the clarity to help decide whether CBD is worth consuming or not.