Basics Of SEO

There are now billions of websites on the internet, and a huge number of those are either failed, or failing, businesses. Even those that have recently been launched are likely to end up on the scrap heap eventually. This is all because most people who start an online business do not understand the basics of Philadelphia SEO. In fact, many people do not even know that it stands for Search Engine Optimization, let alone understand it. Without it, a site will struggle to bring in the much needed traffic that it needs in order to be a success.

Apart from the website itself, traffic is the most important aspect in deciding if an online business survives or dies. With no traffic, there is no way of turning a profit, and without money a business will always fail. The problem for many new online businesses is getting traffic to the site. There are three main options. The first is to pay for advertising, and this method brings in instant traffic. However, if it is not done correctly, then more than likely the business owner is just throwing money away.

The second, and relatively new method, is to use social media to spread the word of the business. The downside to this though is that social media traffic does not always convert that well. The third, and most common, is to rely on free organic traffic from the search engines. The downside to this method is that it can take months for traffic to build up to a decent level, and that is only if the basics of SEO have been done correctly.

These days SEO has been made much easier by CMS scripts like WordPress. All that is needed is an SEO plugin, and the relevant parts filled out correctly for each post. The problem with that is, not everyone has the time to do it, and so it is often ignored. Although fresh content is great for getting ranked, unless it is made clear what the keywords are, and what the content is about, then, although it may get indexed, it is likely that no one will ever find it in the search results.

To ensure that this does not happen, it is extremely important to at least learn the basics of SEO, and take the time to do it, as it will be worth the effort in the long run. Two very important factors are to use the keyword in the meta tags for the post title, and also the description. This information is mainly for the search engines. On the human readable page, the title needs to be in H1 tags, and the keyword should be mentioned one to three times in the content, depending on the total word count.

There is a lot more to SEO than explained in this article, but doing the basics can help a site become a success. If a site owner does not have the time to do SEO, then outsourcing or hiring a Philadelphia SEO expert is the best option.